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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

thinking about colors

I made these blocks quite a few yrs ago with some of my teeniest batik scraps.   Some of the pieces are smaller than a US quarter in finished size.  

Each of the blocks has at least one component of it pieced in a crazy quilt manner with the batik scraps.   The rest of the block then is pieced with a coordinating batik and muslin.

I still need to make two more blocks to have enough for a quilt, but haven't felt like working on the pieces or picking two more block patterns that I do make in a similar manner.

However, I've recently won a gift certificate to Amazon that I'm considering using to buy a jelly roll of fabrics that I would use for sashing between the blocks.  Yes there are good fabrics being sold - Hancock's of Paducah's, Fabric.com, and other well known companies and the prices are good.    What I can't decided is what color range I should get for the sashing.   Along with should I use a single fabric, or would it look ok if I made it scrappy?   I am planning on muslin for cornerstones in the sashing.

Any color (ranges) ideas for me?   And scrappy or a single fabric?


1. Got an unexpected check today as a part of a lawsuit settlement.   Not a lot but everything helps.

2. Temps have cooled down some from the past weekend.


Farm Quilter said...

Because your quilt is so scrappy, I think the sashing could be scrappy too...keeping the sashing colors similar to colors in the blocks they surround. If you did the colors in groupings from the left top to the bottom right, with the lightest being top left and the darkest being bottom right, it would be like going from the sunlight to the shade! If you don't want to make two more blocks, why not take two blocks from the quilt and use them to make pillows to match? Or you could use them to enhance the back of the quilt.

desertskyquilts said...

Yay for unexpected funds! I agree with the first comment about the scrappy stripping. I also think if you could find the right variegated batik, it might look great. Otherwise, I keep thinking, "Why not white? Why not white?" LOL